Crosstown Loveletter - CODAworx

Crosstown Loveletter

Client: Signature Development Group

Location: Oakland, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Art Consulting & Project Management

Danielle Fox

SLATE Art Consulting


Kelly Ording


A seven-story architecturally-integrated art-deco-inspired printed glass facade feature, Cross Town Loveletter was inspired by the art deco marquis of the nearby Paramount Theater in Oakland, and by other landmark emerald-green ceramic-faced buildings in the Uptown Arts district. In this way the artist was able to acknowledge history and place, while still contributing to a 21st-century new construction project. A painting was made, which includes deco motifs of stylized fans and waterfalls, before being digitized, tiled, and printed with glass frit on 75 tempered and laminated panels, the largest of which measured 12-ft long. At certain angles, the artist’s original design almost becomes whole again, offering a dynamic experience for viewers approaching it from the street.


The overarching goal of the project was to honor Oakland's rich 19th and early 20th century architectural history, while still expressing a contemporary modern aesthetic with a ground-up new construction building. Signature Development Group also desired to commission an Oakland-based artist for the project in order to support the local arts community.


As with all public art projects, this was a collaborative process. SLATE Art Consulting was responsible for guiding the building owners, Signature Development Group, through the artist and design selection process, and managing communications between the artist and fabricators. The artist Kelly Ording was responsible for developing the original design and working with a graphics professional to digitize it. BAR architects worked on the structural design, engineering, lighting, and helped to render to the project. The project's general contractor contracted for the fabrication and installation of the panels and custom bracket system.