731 Crescent Drive

Submitted by Folwell Studios


Client: Owners

Location: Boulder, CO, United States

Completion date: 2003

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Gail Folwell

Folwell Studios / Handle The Art


Michael Folwell

Folwell Studios / Handle The Art


This mid-century modern house, the home of Artist, Gail Folwell and Architect, Michael Folwell was an opportunity to collaborate passions and create a living and working environment that celebrated both of our professions.


We wanted to live in a home that celebrated the art and architectural experience. The integration was paramount. The process every bit as much as the result. We had bits of marble base material randomly placed in concrete floors, images hidden in tabletops and walkways, welded scarp gates, areas for spontaneous art 'happenings' where scrap steel and stone on 3 platforms were designed into the landscaping, available for kids or adults to experiment.


This was truly a collaboration in design development. We were open to exploring any opportunities where we could create art as architectural detail and/or celebrate sculpture with niches, view corridors and custom details that integrated the art and architecture experience.

Additional Information

It was really fun. And it inspired the launch of a new business as the cabinet hardware garnered so much attention, hence HandleTheArt.com. We miss that house! but … we're doing it again. Stay tuned.