Create, Imagine, Explore - CODAworx

Create, Imagine, Explore

Client: GSA Washington D.C.

Location: District of Columbia, DC, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $65,001

Project Team

Beth Ravitz

Ravitz Studio, LLC

Sandy Bellamy

GSA District of Columbia


Playful and sophisticated banners appeal to the diverse cultures of the community combined with 7 Bronze medallions on a pedestal clad with colorful powder-coated aluminum. Designed for an Art/Language magnet, famous people in all of the arts, connected to Brookland, tell the history of the area.


This magnet school for arts. Explore, Create and Imagine are words that reflect the purpose of the school.

Additional Information

Banners 10' h x 4' w 8" depth Triangle Medallions : 24"h x 18" d