Coyote - CODAworx



Location: Napa, CA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Artist fabricator

Michael Stutz

Digital modelling

Pardell Studio

Waterjet cutting

Latest Metalworks


The bronze coyote guards the entrance to a small vineyard and bed and breakfast in Napa, California. Common in the area- this coyote is made of bronze, air, and energy, and has a scale that turns the tables with humans.


Coyote is an iconic presence that reminds us of our deep connection to nature.


Coyote is made in the artist's signature style of fabricating using strips of bronze welded together at the crossings. The process incorporates, 3d modeling, Waterjet cutting, clay sculpture, and drawing. Analog- to digital- back to analog, and the inmprovisation of making.
Stutz works with Pardell studios, Latest Concepts, and industry professionals.