Cosmos - CODAworx


Submitted by Christine Remy


Client: Descartes Labs

Location: Santa Fe, NM, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team

Kevin Furry


Adam Shaening-Pokrasso

12 FPS


The project included building and installing a dynamic artwork for the lobby of a satellite data gathering company. The LED display includes 4800 LEDs that are programmed to run a bespoke animation that runs continuously and loops every 20 minutes. The LED display is covered with a plastic membrane that diffuses the lights and the animation is low resolution resulting in a soft, saturated, dynamic look. The members of the company often sit in front of the animation to relax and take a break.


Because this piece was to be installed in the entry area of the company building, the goal was to create a piece that represented the kind of work that this company undertakes. Therefore, the animation of "Cosmos" was created which relates to space and rotation, that is indicative of satellite imagery. The goal was also to create a dynamic piece that could offer a place of respite for the workers and a relaxing break from intense computer technology.


The collaboration started with the Administrative Assistant to the CEO of the company and ultimately with the CEO's approval. Communicating every aspect from the initial concept to the installation was undertaken with the Administrative Assistant on a regular basis. Installation was overseen with an art handling company and electrician.