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Cosmic Streams

Client: Wang Law Firm

Location: SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Sri Prabha

Sri Prabha Artlab


Shirley Wang

Wang Davis Law

Industry Resource

Roman Moszkowicz

Prism Lighting Group

Industry Resource

Prospect Plastics

Industry Resource

US Metal Fabricators, Inc.


Cosmic Stream. 30″H x 16' W. Mixed media,pigment,plexi, aluminum,and commercial grade LED lighting.


The goals were to create an environment for clients that visited the law firm to have an interesting focal point to look at from the conference room and the rest of the office. The conference room was a glass wall and we chose to put artwork that was lighted from within and provided views looking into the conference room as well as from out of the conference room. The artwork has two different scenes to view so the outside area has one image and the inside has yet another surprising image to view. The lighting on this section also is controllable by the user to either stay put as one color light or multiple lights that sequence automatically. The remote capability of lighting give the client full control over the different moods and atmosphere they wanted to project during any given moment. We also selected some mixed media artwork for the rest of the office to tie in the theme together.


The client and I had many discussions about what the space needed and and a lot of the work was done online viewing different ideas and imagery. Once that was done, several maquettes were made and sent to client to place in the office to get a feel for overall satisfaction. Once client decided on final direction everything else was manufactured and installed.