Cosmic Serenity - 9'x18' Triptych - CODAworx

Cosmic Serenity – 9’x18′ Triptych

Client: Private

Location: Fitchburg, WI, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team

Contractor Assist

Dan Tepe


Corporate Engagement Liason


Contracted Organization


“Cosmic Serenity” was created for a psilocybin medical facility, located in Wisconsin. This cosmic landscape was intended to be calming, yet inspiring and uplifting as it’s going to be in a healing environment. Swirls of dots are arranged kinetically to convey movement and suspension. The nebula above mimics a DNA strand, to capture the micro within the macrocosm. This is a 9’x18′ triptych, each panel measuring 6’x9′. Acrylic on linen painting was completed July 2023.


To create a painting suitable for a healing environment, yet also inspiring and uplifting with theme and style.


I initially proposed more of a landscape painting focused around a waterlily scene. The board requested more of a cosmic landscape, to combine earth with the cosmos, while keeping the waterlilies.