Corporate Project - CODAworx

Corporate Project

Submitted by Tommy Moss

Client: Corporate

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Tommy Moss

Art Consultant

Liz Graham

Liz Graham Art Consulting


This dimensional artwork was commissioned for a corporate client in Denver, CO based on a smaller version of “Cluster Swarm” I had completed, but with the scale increased and the edges “exploding.” The assemblage was composed of over (841) individually mounted wooden cubes ranging in size from 1in square to 4in square. The overall area covered was approximately 32ft wide x 11ft high, with the assemblage split up onto two walls. Each cube was hand painted on all five visible sides with thousands of raised black lines dividing pools of contrasting color.


The art consultant needed a dynamic piece of artwork to fill this expansive empty lobby wall that would be impactful from a distance (it could be seen from the street), yet remain engaging up close both from the front view and from the size views !


The project was commissioned by Liz Graham Art Consulting in Denver, CO. I was provided with an image of the empty wall, the overall dimensions required and the budget allowed. I then submitted a quotation along with a digital mock up of the assemblage. Also, to confirm color palette, I submitted physical paint color samples for review / approval prior to production. Once approvals were received, the work was completed and shipped in 8 weeks.

Additional Information

The installation was handled by a professional art installer in Denver. I provided a template indicating the location for each of the cubes. The cubes mounted with nails which emerged from the back of each piece. Silicone was added for extra security !