Corporate Briefing Center, video walls, Fine Art in motion

Submitted by Colors In Motion


Client: Sensory Interactive

Location: New York City, NY, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Christopher Graefe

Colors In Motion


Linda DeHart

Industry Resource

Sensory Interactive

Sensory Interactive


Colors In Motion worked with Sensory Interactive to curate a collection of digital animated artwork for a newly installed 21' W x 4' H LCD video wall centerpiece of the corporate briefing center of the headquarters of SL Green Realty Corp in New York City.


The goals of the project were to curate a collection of content that worked well with the dark finishes and reflective floors of the space, while carrying forward the best-of-class positioning of the company as the leader of commercial property management in New York City. Colors In Motion digital artworks are part of a larger program of content that showcases property and seasonal scenes from around the city.


Colors In Motion worked with Sensory Interactive to understand all of the materials used in the space, the general layout and guest flow through the area, and the aspect ratio of the long, panoramic display. Selecting artworks that worked well in panorama from artist Linda DeHart and other collaborators of Colors In Motion, 3 signature works we developed to play on the display as part of the full content program. The digital display is the centerpiece of this briefing center, and the Colors In Motion artwork has played an integral role in setting the high level of sophistication of the architectural space.

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