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Cook Children’s Medical Center Meditation Chapel

Submitted by Vara Kamin Impression's of Light

Client: Cook Children's Medical Center

Location: Fort Worth, TX, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $43,233

Project Team


Vara Kamin

Vara Kamin's Impressions of Light


Andy Keller

Keller Studios


Cook Children’s Medical Center: Meditation Chapel

The Meditation Chapel incorporated the replicated Image of an original work of art entitled, “Sacred Passages-Balance by Artist, Vara Kamin.

The extended layout consists of (3) Individual Acrylic Panels: 44.375” x 98” x 0.25”. The custom Images printed first surface with proprietary textured inks. Each Panel was individually created in a non-repeating pattern. In the fabrication process, the panels were heat formed with a radius of 282.875”: with a surface distance of the curvature of 132.28”.

Custom millwork was created for the supporting structure while adding depth to the overall aesthetic of the space.


The commissioned artwork, designed and replicated from the original work of art, Sacred Passages-Balance© was selected as the predominant focal design feature for the Meditation Chapel. The hospital selection committee and architect were challenged to create an inclusive space that would embody a sense of nurturing, comfort and support for individuals of all ages and of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The colors of the Sacred Passages-Balance© provided the backdrop for the selection of the furniture, finishes and fixtures offering a unified visual and visceral experience.


The collaboration in creating the Meditation Chapel was one that involved team work and extended communication. The process with the architect, artist, installers, millwork, and lighting companies, as well as the artist’s fabrication plant required precision and on-going attention to detail: from concept to completion.

The Architect’s vision was one of a deeply personal and inviting space for the family members visiting the space in the Children’s Medical Center. Incorporating the Architect’s vision of a concave Image required adjustments to the initial design and supporting structures; providing an opportunity for the fabrication plant to become involved with the details of the installation process. The cooperative effort among a diverse team created a nurturing environment and met the objectives set by the Hospital and Architect.

Additional Information

Adjacent to the Meditation Chapel installation there is plaque that describes the inspiration of Sacred Passages- Balance©: Inspired by quest to embody the healing energy and rhythm of balance, Sacred Passages – Balance© offers a sanctuary of stillness. Vara Kamin specializes in creating works of art that unlock the body’s natural healing, soothing, and self-nurturing capabilities. Rich in color, movement, and texture, Kamin’s paintings provide a positive point of focus while stimulating active imagination and inviting the viewer to a place of self-reflection and contemplation.