Convergencia - CODAworx


Submitted by X Enterprises International

Client: X Enterprises International

Location: New Orleans, LA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Brandon "Artist Xodus"

X Enterprises Internatioal


An immersive multimedia extravaganza on the façade of Estepona Clock Tower for Estepona CREA 2023. Convergencia, aims to showcase an emotional but uplifting journey relating to finding hope, perseverance, unity and LOVE during hard times or loss.


We aim to transform the clock tower to a visionary, vibrant, symbolic, and transformative abstract storyboard allowing everyone to gain their own intuitive concept relating to this piece. Merging this historic architecture with creative experimental philosophy, human and environmental cohesion, Nature, and spiritual elements, we aimed to showcase the hidden design work and architecture into this piece inspiration, incorporating Spain flag colors such as red which represents strength and valor and yellow symbolizing generosity, respecting the building and audience. Due to the Clock Tower of Estepona once being an old Church of Los Remedios and later demolished due to an earthquake leaving only a tower and later made into a bell tower during the 18th century, I wanted to incorporate this natural phenomenon with holy elements to create” CONVERGANCIA”, showcasing a storyboard of hope, perseverance, unity and love. Our mission is to continue utilizing this art form spreading positivity, inspiration, and cohesion amongst many audiences. We aim to not only delight an individual at the moment but leave a long-lasting impression.

Additional Information

Awarded 3rd place in the international video mapping contest for Estepona Crea 2023 hosted In Malaga, Spain.