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Submitted by Bill Vincent


Client: Charlesbourg Public Library

Location: Quebec City, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Jerome Lapointe

FOL Art Public

Public Art Agent

Ministère de la Culture et des Communications

Ministère de la Culture et des Communications


Bill Vincent


Charlesbourg district library, Quebec City – situated in center of an old urban center that was originally designed in circular, pie-shaped lots (17th century) with lines radiating from central churchyard. Illuminated dandelion flower used to imitate rosette-shaped geography, ancient map silk-screened on metal panel, dandelion leaves cut from aluminum, dandelion seed printed on glass. Neon numbers indicate geometric angle of wall.


I wanted to refer to the historical uniqueness of the city's layout, the physical location of the library in that space, as well as to the mission of the institution as a library, to spread knowledge. The logo of the famous French language dictionary/encyclopedia Larousse is the an image of a person blowing dandelion seeds over the words ' I sow in every wind"


Project designed and technical plans realized by artist. Metal parts realized by Jerome Lapointe, FOL Art Public, wood parts and installation help by Yvan Theriault, Valet de Coeur, Cabinet maker.

Additional Information

Modern library architecture designed by architects Croft and Pelletier (Quebec City) has won several prizes