Convergence - CODAworx


Submitted by April Pine

Client: Leighton Properties

Location: Perth, Australia

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


City of Perth

City of Perth


April Pine


A temporary artwork for 30 days connecting Perth to Northbridge via the new CBD precinct of Kings Square. 50 yellow figures were repeated across 6 characters creating movement between two intersecting grids, the sculptures stop to pause, reflect and react to the architecture and permanent artworks in their journey across the tracks. The figures were made from a temporary signage material called Corflute in a yellow colour, scale varied across characters however approximately 15% above human scale.


These temporary works were intended to give street presence to the new precinct of King Square. The figures were sited along the primary street and then filtered through the laneways towards the heart of the new precinct. They functioned as both wayfinders aswell as graphic signage to invite citizens of Perth to explore this new Urban area. The yellow was selected to give street presence to the hidden work of Warren Langleys yellow suspended sculpture.


An initial concept was proposed to the client group. Following an interview a full scale 1:1 mock up was created in coreflute to test structural stability, scale and materiality with the client group. Upon approval, the developers required council permits and approval for the work so diagrams, safety assessments and strict installation process' were mapped out to achieve approval. The sculptures were fabricated in studio and installed onto steel rods and small concrete pavers on site. Alot of consultation on the placement and arrangement of the works was carried out to ensure no fire doors/ loading zones, or universal access areas were restricted.