Constructive Interference - CODAworx

Constructive Interference

Client: Oregon State University

Location: Corvallis, OR, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $400,000

Project Team

Lead Artist

Bill Washabaugh



Jeff Lieberman

Plebian Design

Project Manager

Heather Blind



Anna Torvaldsdotter



Caitlin Morris



Constructive Interference is a sculpture designed to engage members of the OSU community in active learning, by presenting a mystery to their senses: a static object that appears, impossibly, to be moving.

The sculpture is a metaphor for how we exchange knowledge, how synthesis of apparently different fields widens our perspective, and how investigation deepens our understanding of the reality in which we live.

Constructive Interference is composed of two large patterned sheets of steel, designed to create a rapidly changing visual interference effect as viewers pass by. The dimensions are 30′ wide and 17′ high.


The goal of this project was to create a large and dynamic wall-mounted artwork for this new building. As well, we wanted to create an artwork that was a metaphor for the learning process, as this building is called the Learning Innovation Center


We worked with the University, OR Public Art Coordinator, and the building architecture team to refine and integrate the sculpture into the building.