Construction Fence Murals at the Melrose Triangle West Hollywood - CODAworx

Construction Fence Murals at the Melrose Triangle West Hollywood

Submitted by Gary Paller

Client: Charles Company

Location: West Hollywood, CA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Gary Paller


Patrick Ela


I designed four murals in an abstract/klieg light style for the construction fence to remain on the fence for the duration (2-3 years) of the construction. I am on the roster of the West Hollywood Mural Artist Registry. The architecture committee from Gensler selected my work and Andrew Haan’s work for this project. I designed my murals digitally and they were printed (by a company the construction company hired) on 5’5″ plastic sheeting, and they are attached to the fence with grommets. If the work is damaged over the period of the project, replacements will be printed. The curator Patrick Ela represented the artists.


I thought the designs should be happy and celebratory, as this is an exciting, huge project for the city of West Hollywood, so colorful klieglight geometry seemed a good way to go. The Andrew Haan and I were selected by the designers and builders for our abstract design sensibility.


I created several designs to present to the curator. It became evident to me that my work should distinguish itself as the work of one artist, so I decided to do four versions of a similar design. They all have the same forms at the edges so that they seemlessly merge into their neighbors, giving the work a sense of great, un-repeating length. I created them in Photoshop.