Constellation of One - CODAworx

Constellation of One

Submitted by Kirsten Berg

Client: National Arts Council

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


National Arts Council

National Arts Council


Star tetrahedron with a fractal mirror design (artistically-interpreted). Mirror-polished stainless steel, steel frame, glass convex mirrors. 10 x 10 x 8.75 ft


"Constellation of One" was featured as a sculptural expression of the "search for the beautiful and sublime through reflections and Berg's work explores concepts of unity, oneness and connectedness". Because it was initially exhibited in a contemporary arts complex that required continuous accessibility for its other exhibitions, we needed to create a version whose main body could be installed quickly to accommodate the flow of traffic.


I worked remotely with the exhibition curator Khai Hori and project manager Gerald Leow to create an all-steel version of my first sculpture, "Constellation of One". Using the original drawings and layout, we adapted the framework so that the body and surfaces could be fabricated as a modular, steel version that could be fabricated without me there and assembled onsite quickly. I collaborated with their technical manager and draftsperson for 2 months, then went to Singapore to install the mirror patterns by hand with 2 assistants.

Additional Information

An steel-mirror version of my first large sculptural work, "Constellation of One", was commissioned for the "Lock Route" exhibition at Gillman Barracks, a contemporary arts complex, and Singapore Art Week. In October 2017, "Constellation of One" was then installed on the National Museum of Singapore's main lawn as part of the "Art Trail" to commemorate their 130th anniversary.