Constellation of Cultures - CODAworx

Constellation of Cultures

Client: Ocotillo Library

Location: Phoenix, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2003

Artwork budget: $77,000

Project Team


BJ Krivanek

Krivanek+Breaux/ Art+Design


Joel Breaux

Krivanek+Breaux/ Art+Design


Ocotillo Library

Public Art Agent

Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture


In this interactive inscription system at the Ocotillo Library in Phoenix, the old lighting system in the library was appropriated and altered, to articulate a diverse constellation of cultures—authors, ideas, writings—that is available to all. Colorful disks hover above the space, each inscribed with the immortal words of a writer. An electronic control panel with on/ off switches–a symbolic re-creation of a card catalog–stands in the Library, each switchplate inscribed with two oppositional words–Poverty/ Wealth, Life/ Death, etc.–which correspond to the theme of the quotation it will illuminate. Dimensions: 54’W x 1.5’H x 48’D