Constellation Maker - CODAworx

Constellation Maker

Submitted by Lanny Bergner

Client: Northwest Career and Technical Academy

Location: Mount Vernon, WA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $24,000

Project Team


Lanny Bergner

Public Art Agent

Kathleen Moles

Washington State Arts Commission


Constellation Maker is the wall piece in the photographs and it is approximately 38 feet long and 8 feet tall. I also created and installed the three suspended works to compliment the wall piece, the largest of which is approximately 5 feet tall. The work was purchased through a direct sale of existing works, but installed as a site-specific commission. The wall works are constructed out of glass frit covered Smoothfoam 1/2 spheres. Black wooly thread connects the 1/2 spheres simulating the formation of stellar constellations. The suspended pieces are made out of bronze mesh, silicone, glass frit and wire.


The artwork was selected from existing studio work and then adapted to the site. the wall piece was enlarged and reconfigured to accommodate the scale of the wall. The three suspended works were installed to activate the stairwell area and lead the viewer to the larger wall piece. The general concept of the installation was to provide inspiration for the young student body who attend Technical Academy.


The project manager was very important to the commissioning of this work. She selected the pieces after I submitted a range of possibilities for various pieces at three sites in the building. She ended up using most of my recommendations, which made for a seamless integration of the suspended and wall works.

Additional Information

I was very please how well integrated the purchase of existing works were in a space that was already build. I worked with the project manager to identify spaces that could accommodate my art and then proposed works that could activate the spaces in a site-specific manner.