Constant - CODAworx


Submitted by Caroline Knickmeier

Client: St. James Lutheran

Location: Verona, WI, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $1,630

Project Team


Caroline Knickmeier

C MAJOR LLC, Gallery Gallery

Interior Designer

Jan Eymann

KEE Architecture


CONSTANT is a project to transform spaces into better experiences using good design and Feng Shui. The large aluminum panels reflect light and provide “windows” where nature images benefit the setting. In this way, they perform alchemy in a space, in the way we transform our lives despite challenges.

Archival pigment on aluminum is clean, modern, reflective.


After a recent remodel, the interior designer was looking for modern, tasteful artwork that referenced hope without being too direct. The aluminum sheets catch light and increase brightness in the space and the subtle message of the project is relatable to all.


The project is displayed at GMK Architecture Firm in Madison, Wisconsin. The interior designer saw the work and knew it would be a proper fit for the Church. The architect arranged a meeting between me and the designer. I boxed the project up and allowed the designer to take it to the Church board members for decisions. I had photographs of additional pieces from my solo show at Overture Center. The designer selected two pieces in addition to the main Constant "window" for over the other fireplace. The Pastor then contacted me for a time to send my installation expert.

Additional Information

This project brings spaces to life. The reflective quality increases feng shui and brightens any space. The message is relatable to all, subtle and full of hope.