Constant - CODAworx


Submitted by Caroline Knickmeier

Client: GMK Architecture

Location: madison, WI, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $1,630

Project Team


Caroline Knickmeier

C MAJOR LLC, Gallery Gallery


Jim Gempeler

GMK Architecture Inc


CONSTANT is a project to transform spaces into better experiences using good design and Feng Shui. The large aluminum panels reflect light and provide “windows” where nature images benefit the setting. In this way, they perform alchemy in a space, in the way we transform our lives despite challenges.

Archival pigment on aluminum, 24 x 36 and 16 x 24, placed 4 inches apart with a total size of 52 x 56.


GMK renovated a radio broadcasting building to house their architecture firm and offer space to other businesses. The project brightens the hall space and exterior view of the building.


The work had previously been displayed as a solo show at Overture Center for the Arts. The architect and artist worked together to choose a space to display the large, modern, uplifting work. It provides feng shui and movement while being subtle and abstract, making it a good fit for a multi-use office building.

Additional Information

The photographs display two windows- the rainbow piece was originally installed at GMK, now is a permanent installation at St. James Lutheran in Verona; the current project installation is the window with the blue tones.