Concrete Fireplace

Submitted by Krista Shiner


Client: Design Platform

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $5,500

Project Team


Krista Shiner

Shiner Studios


Jonas DiCaprio

Design Platform


This is an architectural decorative concrete application. A height of 9' to the ceiling, approximately 10' wide and 4″ deep. Cement board and appropriate fire retardant interior backing used for the build out. I utilized various formulations of concrete in layers mimicking a poured form of concrete with wood backing reliefs and areas where it is squeezed out into the wood to distinguish the sections. Sealed with a fire retardant sealer to prevent staining.


The goal was to create a unique contemporary fireplace surround in a more industrial aspect of concrete without the weight constraint as a solid form.


I worked with a design build firm and their client while completing a total house renovation.The homeowner saw a solid concrete piece that resembled this and wanted to have it as their home's center fireplace viewable from the dining and living areas. I created several samples for their review with varying colors and characteristics to choose from, inspired by what they saw and desired. Upon approval, I coordinated and collaborated with the design build firm on the appropriate materials to use as the substrate and overall ideal scheduling time in consideration of other trades and projects occurring and what made the most sense at what juncture. They wanted the color of the concrete to coordinate with the hanging concrete lights over the table in which I was able to achieve and also providing more dimension.

Additional Information

This application is just a fraction of what is possible in creating with concrete. I can create so many variations of this and so much more. I would love the opportunity to utilize these skills sets in conjunction with my paintings to create an immersive environment.