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Leadership Center

Submitted by Christopher Gulick

Client: Kansas Health Foundation

Location: Wichita, KS, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Stephen Gleissner

Christopher Gulick Sculpture


Commission: Kinetic Mobile Sculpture. Title, “KLC1-13 (Moving in Stereo”) 2013. Bronze, Stainless, Aluminum. H-96xW-192xD-192(in).


This work is an abstraction of the building and its occupants. The hard angles and starkness of the aluminum panel represent the architecture, the windows and doorways that are traversed by the people. The organic side built of bronze panels and curved stainless rods reflect the people and their movements in and throughout the structure. Often buildings and their occupants influence one another in a variety of ways. Such is with this sculpture. Depending on the angle of view, which is varied through the multiple window walls, the view of the organic side or the architectural side intermingle and change in perceived perspective and balance.


This location is a new building in the core of the city. The curator assembled an entirely new, cohesive collection of work meant to represent the wide array of working professional artists in and from Kansas. Collaboration process included the consultant, the 6 member board of directors of the Kansas Health Foundation (the parent foundation) the chief architect and the artists involved. Artists were hand-picked for presentation to the board. The board then selected from the field of submittals.

Additional Information

The construction of this work is entirely non-mechanical. All the panels are hand cut and tension-set on the rods (no welding). The rod hooks and loops are hand bent (via touch work). The hooks and loops are the only means of kinetic motion. Of particular interest for myself as an artist is the location of this project. Across the street in a 10 story atrium of a 12 story building, previously the 4th Financial Center, is the Alexander Calder work, "Collapsible Elements"1975. http://www.natgeocreative.com/photography/427067. Therefore I am privileged to "hang out" with a hero of mine.