Colored City - CODAworx

Colored City

Submitted by Riki K LLC

Client: Citélum EDF Group

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $29,000

Project Team


Riki K.

Riki K LLC


Citélum EDF Group


DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

Industry Resource

CPR Multimedia Solutions


Citélum EDF Group sponsored a large scale outdoor projection mapping setting for Arts All Night organized by D.C. Commission for Arts and Humanities. Riki was one of the two artist recruited to provide multimedia content to color the facade of Carnegie Library located in Washington D.C.


By turning the facade of Carnegie Library into a huge canvas, Citélum wanted to bring bright colored art to the nation's capitol for a night.


CPR MultiMedia Solutions was hired to provide the projection and sound setup, Citélum managed the event. Riki worked with the project manager to come up with a colorful concept that will capture the audience on foot. Riki collaborated with a composer to design and program a nature inspired whimsical content to disrupt the everyday view of the surrounding.