Colorado Welcome Center | Dinosaur

Submitted by John Boak



Client: Colorado Department of Local Affairs

Location: Dinosaur, usa

Completion date: 1990

Project Team


Michael Brendle

B3 Architecture


I created large-scale glyphs, an entry welcome painting, visual displays, geographically coded brochure racks and a large scale map with symbols for activities and a graphic representation of canyons and mountains.


The Colorado Welcome Centers are designed to guide visitors in exploring Colorado. The colored parallelograms used in the map, the brochure racks and the photo displays guide the visitors to six equal divisions of the state. Via the design of both the art and the display systems, the project conjoins the informative and the aesthetic.


I worked with the architects from the early in the architectural process. We met with the client and outlined the purpose and functionality of the building. We then designed how the artwork would facilitate the work of the Centers' volunteers in counseling visitors to the state, providing them with directions, sites, activities, brochures and images as well as coffee and bathrooms. The dinosaur glyphs are 8'x12'. I made full-scale paper drawings for them. Using a pounce wheel and chalk bag, they were transferred to the naked steel plates. They were then cut free-hand by a oil-field worker using an acetylene torch.