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Color Bands


Client: British Invasion, Museum of Art and History

Location: Lancaster, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team


Philip Vaughan

Industry Resource

John Biondo, Electronic Engineer


Exhibit of wall hanging neon sculpture for lobby area as part of an exhibit of illuminated artwork and painted artwork along an integrated theme.


These pieces are intended to create a color field where the color bars interact and generate energy at their edges. The colors interfere with each other and cause an internal almost chemical reaction within the eye and the human perception system. The neon works and the painted works look similar in form but the nature of the light and color reacts in differing ways yet maintain a similarity of contrast and form.


This project is a collaboration between the artist and the curatorial staff at the Museum, with works positioned so that the transition for the visitor entering the space from the outdoors and the bright sunlight would be visually balanced by the brightness of the neon experience. The painted works will be staged in controlled light conditions.

Additional Information

The control and dimming system for the neon works was designed by the inventor and electronic engineer John Biondo. he and the artist have collaborated on a number of works in recent years, with the goal of created kinetic artwork that has a life of its own.