Collecting a Rainbow - CODAworx

Collecting a Rainbow

Submitted by Andrea Myers

Client: Columbus Metropolitan Library

Location: Columbus, OH, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $26,000

Project Team


Alison Circle

Columbus Metropolitan Library

project manager

Sven Kahns


Permanent large scale public two dimensional textile artwork machine sewn and installed by the artist and her team.

The repurposed fabrics I amassed for the project echo the site of collection and the lived environment. For this commission, I specifically compiled materials from the local library patrons in addition to painted fabric compositions from community middle school students. Donated tee-shirts, domestic textiles and utilitarian fabrics are all repurposed and renewed. Converging together and transcending their original uses and symbolism, the fabrics incorporated in “Collecting a Rainbow” connect and build an all over pattern of a unified voice. In the patchworked whole, the fabrics become a stitched and seamless community, while symbolizing our tangible moment in time.


To create a vibrant, tactile artwork that is evocative of the community and library.


For this project, I collected textiles and garments from the library community and each submission was also accompanied by a written narrative about the fabric they were donating.