Cleveland State University Science Building - Commissioned Sculpture - CODAworx

Cleveland State University Science Building – Commissioned Sculpture

Client: Cleveland State University

Location: Cleveland, OH, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Virginia Kistler

Kistler Studio LLC

Artist Programs/Percent for Art Coordinator

Kathy Signorino

Ohio Arts Council

Senior Project Manager for CSU

Dwayne Wilson

Cleveland State University


This piece is a commissioned work of suspended, interior sculpture, which was commissioned by Cleveland State University and funded through The Ohio Percent for Art Program. The piece is inspired by the double helix, the molecular shape of a double-stranded DNA molecule, and the layering effect is meant to be suggestive of the imaging techniques being used to study molecular structures.
Media: Resin Sheeting, Stainless Steel Cable, Powder Coated Steel, Powder Coated Aluminum
Dimensions: h 17.5′ x w 46.5′ x d 11.5′


The work is installed in Cleveland State University's Science Building atrium. The client requested that the work represent the fields of Biology and Chemistry and fill the the building's atrium.


In cooperation with a structural engineer, I designed a hanging system above the drop ceiling and a substructure to support the sculpture. Additionally, I worked with the university project manager to arrange the installation and to finalize building integration details.