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Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital

Submitted by Dimensional Innovations

Client: Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital

Location: Cleveland, OH, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Creative Director

JC Hendricks

Dimensional Innovations

UX Designer

Jon Perez

Dimensional Innovations

Interactive Producer

Patrick McMahon

Dimensional Innovations

Creative Technologist

Marshall Miller

Dimensional Innovations

Artist and Designer

Per Arnoldi


Alec Kulik

Cleveland Clinic Children's

Chief Design Officer

Chris Connell

Cleveland Clinic Children's


Engaging, immersive patient experiences have profound healing effects. With hospitals putting an increased focus on facilitating welcoming and comfortable experiences for patients and their families, incorporating technology beyond the procedure room and into the recovery process has become vital for healthcare professionals.

With a blank canvas on the first and second floor lobbies, Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital came to Dimensional Innovations with a challenge to develop a new interactive waiting experience. While helping pass the time, the installation also needed to remain flexible enough to accommodate patients once they were called in for their appointment, so they would not feel they were missing out on an exciting ending.

Partnering with well-known Danish artist, Per Arnoldi, designs were developed to match the color specifications of his additional signage and wayfinding work throughout the new building. Using gesture-tracking technology and high-end Barco displays, the colors remain vivid—even with natural light—and allow for a highly-engaging interactive experience without the need for physical touch, thus minimizing the potential spread of infections.


One of the most worthwhile and important experiences we can create is for children who are facing unknown situations. While there can be significant anxiety, stress and fear involved, research has shown how important positive distractions can be during this time. Creating a soothing, relaxing and fun experience was our primary goal.

In addition to helping pass the time, the wall was intentionally designed to slow children down and encourage them to make controlled, thoughtful movements, while also keeping the space peaceful and minimizing over-stimulation.

Additional Information

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