Cleavage In Space - CODAworx

Cleavage In Space

Submitted by Rosanna Scimeca


Location: Oakland, CA, United States

Completion date: 2003

Project Team


Rosanna Scimeca


Mark Kray

Marlene Kryza

Dan Rabinvitch


A chandelier from the Gods’ Pleasure Palace has fallen through the clouds.

Standing 30′ x 50′, Cleavage In Space was completed in 2003 and premiered at Burning Man. The piece thrusted artist Rosanna Scimeca onto the scene as a monumental sculpture of serious ability. A elegant combination of steel, wood, and fiberglass/resin, the sculpture is fitted with a perfume blower (olfactory component) and a cattle fence charger that lightly zapped participants who touched the sculpture, giving the illusion that the chandelier was still hot.

This piece comes with its own mythology:

High up in the sky the gods dwell…

Immortal beings live forever in the stories we tell.

Loki, a god of fire and mischief, is bored. Bored of his life, he heads out amongst the clouds to new distractions.

He discovers Angrboda, the goddess of pleasure, a beautiful giantess, who finds that the smooth words and seductions of the little trickster god amuse her. She gives herself over to his charms, but only after extracting a promise that he will not impregnate her. Seeing an opportunity for some fun he agrees, but with no intention of sticking to his word. They rendezvous…

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Site-specific artwork created for Burning Man (2003). Theme-based work related to the event's theme ‘Beyond Belief’. Interactive elements were included to fufill and relate to the requirements of the event. These included a cattle fence charge on steel arms, which emmitted an intense static charge sensation when touched. A scent burner created an aromic element, exuding a musky perfume smell of what the artist imagined an old west brothel to smell like.