Submitted by Kelly Curry


Location: Clayton, NY, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $6,900

Project Team


Kelly Curry

Kelly Curry


Joseph Parker


Lori Durand

Koffee Kove Restaurant


Mural depicting the train arriving with tourists in 1919, in Northern New York along the St Lawrence River, to Clayton NY. Mural dimensions are 65 x 11 x 13 ft and was painted over 3/4″ MDO sign board that was professionally pre-applied and caulked and painted on building. Mural was painted using Benjamin Moore Exterior Soft Gloss and sealed with Golden Paints clear mural sealer. Project length was 2 months.


The goal was to intoduce the Railway history of the small river town of Clayton NY. From the late 1800s till the mid 1900s, trains arrived in Clayton NY bringing tens of thousands of summer tourists to the St Lawrence river to ride the large steamships, to fish and boat, and camp among its 1800 islands. Most people had no idea how important the trains had been in bring folks from all over the east coast, especially New York city. I was able to research the rich history through public and personal collections and create a vivid scene of summer tourists deboarding the train on the waterfront and awaiting the large river ships to take folks on thier journey to thier river destinations. This was a privately commissioned work of art.


The process started with a call from my client Lori Durand, owner of the Koffee Kove Restaurant. Lori was a fan of my other local murals and she asked if i could design something that would help her business stand out and help camouflage the high windows on the side of the Restaurant. The first moment i saw the length and shape of the building and the shape of the windows, i immediately said train! I knew trains had come to area long ago but i did not realize the rich history. It was an honor to paint a picture that tells a story.

Additional Information

Yes, i could not have done without the help of very talented artist Joe Parker from New Orleans. I broke my right elbow, and i am right handed, half way through the mural. My friend and student came to my rescue and helped me complete the mural on schedule.