Claremont Hotel, California - CODAworx

Claremont Hotel, California

Submitted by Michael Banks



Location: Berkeley, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Michael Banks

M B Art

Art Consultant

Chloe Amelia Brown

Fresh Paint Art Advisors


The client wanted impactful, figurative Photo-artwork to complement the renovation of the Lobby space. It was decide that a monochrome artwork palette would work best, and enhance the silhouette content of the images.


The hotel is also a Luxury Spa, concentrating on wellness and the celebration of the human form. The artwork needed to reflect this concept, and articulate the idea of the Human, but in an unexpected, more abstract manner.


Chloe Amelia Brown from Fresh Paint Art Advisors selected existing imagery from British Photo-Artist Michael Banks' "The Girl" series.