City SF

Submitted by Heather Hancock Studio


Client: Sutter CPMC Hospital San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Heather Hancock

Heather Hancock Studio

Art Consultant

Jane Thompson

J.D. Thompson & Associates


Three piece art hanging was specified as part of an art program for Sutter CPMC Hospital San Francisco. The art program is intended to provide visitors, patients and hospital employees with new and engaging visual experience. Creating welcoming and engaging environments improves well-being and has become a valued element in healthcare design. 3 pieces each 24″x24″ | mixed media with glass


Art pieces from my series City were selected for waiting areas in an urban hospital. Mixed media work with glass offers viewers a bold and unexpected visual experience. Shimmering cut glass set against matte cement creates a high contrast and dynamic piece that captures the vibrancy and energy of the city. City is inspired by the intersection of natural and built worlds. A consistent graphic approach is used for architecture, urban forest, sky and water. Viewers are offered a familiar skyline with city meeting nature.


Collaboration with J.D. Thompson and Associates all occurred remotely. Art consultant Jane Thompson is familiar with my portfolio from previous collaboration. Jane requested the City concept inspired by the SF skyline. A palette of bold grayscale architectural forms meet shimmering blue greens of urban forest/sky and blues of water to create a dynamic visual experience. Iridized glass is particularly effective in catching ambient light and adds additional color tones and vibrancy to the work. Work shipped framed and ready to hang with 3 week turn-around.