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“.Circle Spray” – zero maintenance interactive

Client: Eneref Institute

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Peter Hite

Peter Hite


Seth Rose

Eneref Institute


“Circle Spray” is an interactive work of art that changes color as viewers pass by. Made up of almost 500 lenses, it requires no hardware or software.


The client asked for a simple but dynamic work of art that transformed the office space. Positioned as the focal point for the office, it was important that the ideas of "adaptability and change" be expressed in a subtle way.


As the artist, Peter Hite worked closely with Eneref through the concept and design stage. Installation was coordinated with facility manager and architect.

Additional Information

"Circle Spray" requires no hardware or software but uses lenticular lenses. A primary goal was to create interactive artwork that is durable and have a long life.