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Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Submitted by Ulrika Leander


Client: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Location: Cincinnati, OH, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $27,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Allison Banzhaf

Art Design Consultants, ADC Inc.

Interior Designer



Ulrika Leander

Contemporary Tapestry Weaving


This project was one element of a concourse renovation project for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Main Campus, Cincinnati Ohio with the overall theme “A Journey to my Favorite Place – Along the River’s Edge”. A hand-woven tapestry measuring 5.0 ft. high X 6.0 ft. wide was commissioned with an artwork creative brief to support the brand and wayfinding experience in its aesthetic style and color palette and to create a welcoming experience for patients, family and staff while being fully integrated with the architectural elements of the designated space.


The main goal for integrating a commissioned tapestry into this project was to contribute to the overall welcoming and inspiring healing environment with a playful, uplifting piece that conveys a positive supportive and healing message. Because of the close proximity of adjoining walls and doors, careful integration of the design elements was particularly critical. The color palette was selected to be compatible with the dark pink of the two adjacent walls and the white supporting wall; the geometrical elements of the tapestry design reflect the wave pattern of the supporting wall and the strong verticals associated with the elevator entrance doors.


The overall project conception and direction was by Kolar Design of Cincinnati Ohio. My point of contact with the project for site information, submission of concepts, pricing, scheduling, progress photographs etc. was art consultant Allison Banzhaf of Art Design Consultants ADC Inc. of Cincinnati. There was no site visit involved and the design process was informed by computer- generated simulations of the site with artwork of the correct dimensions shown in the designated position. This was reinforced via an on-line meeting with Kolar Design representative and contributing artists to discuss overall themes, colors, materials, requirements for hospital environmental control, lighting needs etc. Three possible concepts in the form of watercolor designs were submitted via the art consultant for presentation to the client by Kolar Design. The finished tapestry was shipped to the art consultant in advance of the agreed deadline.

Additional Information

In this design the trees and birds are deliberately depicted in a primitive yet fresh style reminiscent of a young person’s drawing anywhere in the world. The simplicity of the trees and the roundly-shaped birds on tall leg are to be found in the folk art of many different cultures. There is an underlying humor in this scene, which I hope will raise a smile.