Client: Private Home

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Leah Martin

Allied 8

Interior Design

Anne Viggiano

Color and Design Studio


How to add color to white modern construction? Glass & Light! I love the collaboration of this project with the client, the architects, the interior designer and myself. The clients Indian heritage gave me the inspiration to overlay bold colors to create a pattern of soft veil kaleidoscope effect on the surrounding walls of their modern home. The way soft fabrics of Sari are overlapped in many colors and the bold layers in their furnishings and textiles enabled me to launch a brand new technique of glass color veiling. This functional lighting illuminates the stairwell, can be seen in the vertical windows from the street, and project a color splash into the geometric modern white interiors.

Additional custom blown glass lighting in the home collection spins off from the large colorful foyer. Kitchen pendants, kids bathroom pendants, powder bath pendants, & primary bathroom pendants all bring the softer colors into the other rooms in the house.


The goals were to bring a functional bright colored illumination into a modern home foyer to coordinate with the very strong geometric architectural elements of the straight narrow windows, the peekaboo skylight, and the floating staircase with vertical metal rods. Being bold with color to bring in the client heritage with a modern twist while also adding functional light and intergrate with all of the design decisions contributed by the team.


Glass colors are all individual recipes comprised of minerals, metals and silica. Mixing many glass colors into one vessel is very challenging on a physical level and a chemical level. In the heat, the blues and greens want to be loose and swim around, while the oranges and yellows are stiff and don't want to be flexible causing tension. Combining all the colors create a cohesive collection all together. Drilled off center to give unexpected locations of light projection create another layer of artistic drama.

Additional Information

Since our first meeting all together in my studio, the clients, architects, and interior designers gelled with sparks of creative ideas and seamless integration for all practices to create such a stunning and unique living space for the clients.