chronolog - CODAworx


Submitted by Clark Wiegman


Client: Sound Transit

Location: Federal Way, WA, United States

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team




Landscape Architect

Dean Gregory

Murase LA


David Hewitt

Hewitt Architects


Barbara Luecke

Sound Transit


As a meditation on nature and civilization, chronolog invites the transit facility user to consider time as forms of measurement, climate history and local iconography. Artwork is comprised of four elements including chronolog clock tower, shadowslice mosaic pavers, axgrove sculptural landscape and seedleaves suspensions. Project set tone for subsequent mixed-use senior center development and refers to Federal Way’s logging history. Flexface, clock & lighting systems, powdercoated steel, stainless steel, stained glass, concrete, plantings. 48,000 sf. Sound Transit for Federal Way Transit Center. Hewitt Architects, Murase LA, TubeArt, Duke Grenier.


The artwork provided the conceptual design framework for the transit center and subsequent TOD. Working with the rubric of typical transit center elements, I established placeholders for hardscape/landscape, canopy shelter and clock tower within a master plan. Each individual artwork element works off the geometries of site and built environment to tell a deeper cumulative story about this place.


As the only member of the original design team, I helped guide the vision for the overall transit center and subsequent TOD. I was involved in civic planning charettes, extensive community outreach, internal administrative discussions, design team selection and extensive political log-rolling throughout a 7-year process from conception to completion. I worked extensively with local committees, ST administrators, the project design team, the general contractor and various subcontractors to guide the project to successful fruition.