Submitted by Susan Venable


Client: Choctaw Nation

Location: Durant, USA

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $31,000

Project Team


susan venable

Venable Studio


LeKathryn Champine

Worth Architecture


Large scale commission from the Choctaw Nation for casino located in Oklahoma. Pieces were installed in both the public restaurant and the private meeting hall. Drawings were presented to Worth Architecture, approved and art creation commenced. Nine pieces in total were commissioned. Intent was to enliven the public spaces and encourage viewers to linger while enjoying the large wall installation.


The interior schematics and surfaces were given to me early on in the design process. I created a series of three separate installation areas. One challenge was to have each piece relate to the other, while maintaining an individual identity and color scheme.


They liked my previous work and were generous in letting me create the look for the work and run with it, start to finish.