Reading Nook Wall Art - CODAworx

Reading Nook Wall Art

Submitted by Ksenia Annis


Client: Children's Health

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Ksenia Annis

Skyline Art Services

Art Consultant

Jodi Fernandez

Skyline Art Services


This project for Children's Hospital was for a reading nook for young patients. Two large posters were created with an educational yet fun focus.


The client's goal of educational material combined with a light atmosphere was realized via the creation animal themed letters and numbers delivering the complete alphabet and counting numbers. The use of animal names corresponding to each letter and animals and objects for each counting number was essential to the design integration. At the client's request, some decorative elements were incorporated into the overall design as well.


The client had experience with other alphabet posters but desired a unique design combined with the client specified color palette. From this starting point, I created hand drawn animals and used digital techniques to assemble and color the final artwork which was then printed on fine art paper by Skyline Art Services for the installation.

Additional Information

Working on final art digitally allowed me to fine tune the colors of the piece. The colors can also be easily modified later for Skyline Art Services to use in a different project, if required.