Chicago Transit Authority's Kedzie Station: "Coast of Chicago" 2004 - CODAworx

Chicago Transit Authority’s Kedzie Station: “Coast of Chicago” 2004

Submitted by John Himmelfarb

Client: Chicago Transit Authority

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2004

Project Team


John Himmelfarb

Chicago Transit Authority


Created for Chicago’s L, this mural of custom-shaped painted ceramic tiles (measuring 108″ x 144″) reflect the strength of community as a whole and the uniqueness of its individual parts. Legendary midwestern artist John Himmelfarb was commissioned to do “Coast of Chicago” (2004) for the windy city’s Kedzie Pink Line station. The neighborhood surrounding the Kedzie station is full of bustling activity and many of the design elements are drawn from architectural details of nearby homes, schools and commercial buildings, as well as structural details associated with Chicago’s transit system. These sources reflect the current community and give reference to the history of the neighborhood. Combined with this imagery are design elements inspired by connections of heritage to Mayan, Aztec and African cultures.


The artwork reflects the vibrant neighborhood around the L station, creating a sense of place.