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Checkers tables for Winston Apartments

Submitted by Anna Dean

Client: Winston Apartments

Location: Charlotte, NC, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Artist / Designer

Anna G. Dean

Anna Dean Art, LLC


Glen Nocik

ACSM, inc.


Using their brand guide and colors, we designed and fabricated these checkers tables for Winston Apartments in Charlotte, NC. The client was interested in creating a space where clients could sit, while waiting on their appointments, that also provided a tabletop for signing paperwork. We decided to create these checkers tables, which incorporate their brand on the checkers – so the checkers become marketing tools!


The goals were to activate the space in front of the leasing office, provide a place to sign paperwork, and to create a way to market the apartment complex after hours.


I worked with the client to create a design that would fit within the limited footprint on the sidewalk, but also create a "W" shape when viewed by the apartments above. I worked with the ACSM design team to fabricate the final project.

Additional Information

The checkers feature the apartment logo on one side, and their contact information on the back side. This way, if people take the checkers with them, they become a marketing tool!