Chasing the Spectrum

Submitted by Barbara Westfall Art Glass Design


Client: Private Residential Installation

Location: Madison, WI, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team


Brian Anderson, MA

Brian Anderson Lighting & Design

Industry Resource

Mike Ebbert

Direct Electric


Client was seeking an art glass solution for a particular interior wall that included LED light using A/C power. They expressed particular interest in my artist Spectrum Series that integrates colorful horizontal bands of dimensionally fused glass. Triptych was determined to be optimal solution to meet demands for scale. Dichroic glass elements were integrated to bring out deep reflective colors. Final installation included a mounting glass on hand-brushed aluminum panels.


Goals included large-scale multi-panel art glass that would fill a 5'x6' interior wall. Lighting concerns to bring brightness into glass were solved through continuous LED A/C operated lighting in consultation with lighting designer. Electrical needs were met by Direct Electric, who pulled wires and added dimmer switch.


I worked one-on-one with residential client on color, design and placement of art. Providing three on-site meetings with the lighting designer and electrician. The three of us were able to successfully bring the project to life on time and within targeted budget creating a beautiful result that client loves.