Chaos RE_Stored - CODAworx

Chaos RE_Stored

Submitted by Daniel Moore

Client: NorthPoint Development, LLC

Location: Tempe, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $63,000

Project Team

Artist Fabricator

Daniel Moore

the oxide studio

Business Partner

Nina Amter Moore

the oxide studio


To me, this is an abstract representation of the desire to organize in a more efficient way. Living in a very materialistic and consumer fueled culture, as a society, we tend to own too many things, and this facility provides space to create some order out of that consumer driven chaos.

NorthPoint Development, LLC-Beyond Self Storage-Selected Artist-Art in Private Development (AIPD)-Tempe (AZ) August 2018, 60’ x 35’, Steel.


To design an entire side of a building representing 'storage'
To me it was important to convey the thought of an organized solution is a simple, elegant, yet iconic way.


This is the City of Tempe Art in Private Development program where the edict is any new build over 50,000 sq ft requires art or the developer pays a fee.
Luckily for me they chose an art piece and chose me from the prequalified roster.
From that point on, the company met with me, placed their trust in me and approved my design.
The major coordination was working with the construction manager and team to have it hung.