Changing Tide

Submitted by Jeffrey Reed


Client: City of Richmond, CA

Location: Richmond, CA, United States

Project Team


Jennifer Madden

Reed Madden Designs

Lighting Designer

Peter Tjeerdsma

Fabrication Contributor

Stephen Heinen


© 2019, 20’ h x 50’ w x 50’ d
Stainless steel, solar panels, concrete benches, programmed LED strips and sound reverberators
Harbor Way, Richmond, CA, Budget: $300K

Seven “eelgrass” highlight the importance of this Bay species. 20,000 programmed LED lights show watery images and the real-time height of the tide. Sensors change the colored lighting when people walk by. The solar panels on the front power the lights. The front of the sculptures act as speakers triggering sounds of the ocean with motion detectors.

The public art piece is by the San Francisco Ferry and is the City’s major gateway. The area is a free public stage for the community. A website allows for a calendar of events for kids of all ages.