Changchun Industrial Development Center - CODAworx

Changchun Industrial Development Center

Submitted by Shohini Ghosh

Client: City of Changchun China

Location: Changchun, China

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $97,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

City of Changchun China


The Government of Jilin in China approached me to enlarge one of my sculptures ‘Class Act’ for their North Eastern Bird sanctuary in the Hi-Tech Industrial Development Center, and asked me to create my sculpture in China with their apprentices and their materials.


This was a 90 aches of marshland located in the North Eastern part of Jilin province of China.To create a tourist friendly bird sanctuary they decided to add world renounced sculptors works along side the walking path through the park. The park was already in the path of the migrating pelicans and they were beautifying the landscape for families to enjoy the scenery.


I was a guest in the country for 65 days. I was provided a studio, an interpreter, tools and clay. My responsibility was to sculpt in clay my enlargement of 'Class Act.' The final size is 9.5' high x 7.2' long x 6' deep. They then made a mold from the clay and sent the mold to the foundry for casting in bronze.