Cesped (Grass) - CODAworx

Cesped (Grass)

Client: Madrid Capital Town Hall

Location: Madrid, Spain

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $60,000

Project Team


Pablo Santos



SpY Urban Art

Technical Director




Natural grass circle of 70m of diameter installed in the center of Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. 400th Anniversary of Madrid’s Plaza Mayor. The main idea of this Project is as simple as recognizable. It consists of a 70 meter natural grass circle (3500 square meters in total) located in the center of the Plaza Mayor (Madrid) commemorating its 4th centenary.
Given the simplicity of such Project, both locals and tourists were immediately surprised by the decontextualisation of the Plaza and the invitation to new ways to feel pleasantly and comfortably embraced.


Over 150 thousand people enjoyed this artistic offer, along the 4 days that it lasted, that was also echoed by the most relevant National and International Media.
An artistic work offered to citizens and tourists of all ages that were allowed to take part of it in a playful and direct manner, thereby achieving the creation of a milestone, a memorable memory and a temporary transformation of this symbol of the Madrid’s culture, on its 400th centenary.
The revitalization of this public space pretends to involve pedestrians with their own city. This type of artistic work turns the table making the citizens turn into the artists and vice-versa; it also passes the floor to surprise, to encounter and invites to reflection. In other words, it openly shares the benefit of art with the whole public. National and international TV, newspapers, digital media covered the event.


This project has been done with the support of Madrid Destino