Center for Land-Based Learning Donor Names

Submitted by Mark Abildgaard


Client: Center for Land-Based Learning

Location: WOODLAND, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $15,326

Project Team


Mark Abildgaard

client - design input

Mary Kimball

Center for Land-Based Learning


This project came about because the Center for Land-Based Learning wanted to acknowledge the financial contributions made by donors for their new headquarters in Woodland California. The name of each donor was laser cut into a stainless steel oak leaf which was adapted from the design of the Center’s logo. The laser cut leaves were welded to hand forged stainless steel branches that also incorporated cast glass oak leaves and hot sculpted glass California Poppies. Each of the 52 individual branches with donor names was mounted on a wall next to the area which the donor had chosen to designate for their contribution.


The goal for this project was to integrate each sign into the area which the donor had designated. Locations varied from interior hallways to exterior walls or sides of outbuildings at the site. Each of the 52 signs was a unique design, but the overall unifying theme of oak leaves on the branches made them visually coheisive.


I worked closely with Mary Kimball the executive Director of the Center for Land-Based Learning for the design and installation of the donor signs. The process took several months of creating prototypes until we reached agreement on the best design. I also worked closely with Rene Steinke at Sacramento Art Glass to develop the process for casting the glass oak leaves and sculpting the flowers.

Additional Information

This was a challenging project as each individual donor sign required a lot of attention to detail in the integration of all the elements involved. Forging the stainless steel rod, welding, grinding and polishing all had to be completed before the glass elements were attached. Each sign was created as a unique arrangement of the metal and glass elements.