Cellular - CODAworx

Client: Annonymous Doctor/ Genetic Research Scientist

Location: Kirkland, WA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team

Design, Glassblowing

Julie conway

Illuminata Art Glass Design

design, fabrication

Dyna Construction

Dyna Construction

Design, Concept


CAD, engineering, coordination with Dyna

Russ Daniels


Master Electrician

Jonathan Pedro

Electrical Express


Telling the story of a genetic research scientist at his main office of study and discovery. The concept was to interpret the intelligence of DNA with the helix stairway railing and to create the accompanying lighting installation that represents the cells that respond with DNA. The top canopy is 48″ diameter of 3 metals creating a swirl of energy and initial atomic spark.

The 3 story stairwell is a continuous metal swirl of a railing to emanate the helix. The glass globes are suspended from 38′ ceiling and the full drop is 24′


The oversized blown glass globes (18-24") are suspended in the center of the helix. The finishes of glass are also representing various of interpretations of cellular process. Bubbles created by glass patterns, soda bubbles, and chrome mirror create interactive patterns of light on the surrounding walls.


The client and the design-build team worked closely with Julie to integrate all of the components. The extra large canopy was actually built in to the ceiling structure so we could account for expanse and weight. The glassblowing process was attended by the full team and the client. Installation included a full custom built scaffold to suspend the works and installers at 38' above the floor. (!!) Controlled electrically and dimmable.