Celestial Playground - CODAworx

Celestial Playground

Client: Jacksonville Aviation Authority

Location: Jacksonville, FL, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Amy Cheng

Amy Cheng Studio

Industry Resource

Steve Miotto

Miotto Mosaic Art Studio


Celestial Playground is an 8-ft by 32-ft tripartite mosaic mural installed June 2013 at the Jacksonville Airport in Jacksonville, FL.


The Jacksonville International Airport is a compact airport that is extremely proud of their public art collection. Celestial Playground treats the restroom entry and water fountain walls as a continuous space. The design flows from one frame to the next, and from a distance, creates an illusion of deep space. The murals visually reference the sky, the heavens, and the cosmos. Celestial Playground imparts a sense of lightness, a feeling of joy.


The mural was fabricated and installed by Steve Miotto of Miotto Mosaic Art Studio. To keep the cost within budget we agreed to use large pieces of glass mosaic wherever possible, allowing for a loose feeling and slightly rough surface. The proposed design was not finely detailed which allowed Miotto Mosaic Art Studio great leeway in the interpretation from image to mosaic.