Ceiling Suspended Kinetic Rainbow Sculpture - "We Wondered If We Could Reach Its End" - CODAworx

Ceiling Suspended Kinetic Rainbow Sculpture – “We Wondered If We Could Reach Its End”


Location: Raleigh, NC, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Jane Cheek

Jane Cheek - Artist, LLC

installer/ assistant

Bethany Kicker


We Wondered If We Could Reach Its End and it is a large scale, ceiling suspended, kinetic sculpture.

The work was based on my personal experience of coming out as bi and seeing a rainbow that felt like a big, warm, welcoming, hug from the universe. In response to the recent onslaught of anti-queer legislation and sentiment, I wanted to create a message of love and hope for the community and used my coming out experience as the inspiration for the piece. The work is ever changing because of its translucent and kinetic properties, and that feels like a really great metaphor for how our personal histories inform our perceptions of the world.

As the installation arches through space, it appears to enter through the ceiling and puddles on the floor. The slope of the piece invites you to walk beneath the elevated end of the sculpture and take in the work from all sides. Once inside the arch, you are surrounded by 180 degrees of kinetic, light filled rainbow. As you walk around the work, you displace air, causing the strands to move gently. The moving reflective surface of the colorful strands cause light to dance around the space and cast colorful shadows on walls and floors.


This work was done for gallery shows and is available for acquisition.

My installation work as a whole, memorializes personal moments and memories in immersive formats. I offer these glimpses into my daily life as a queer Southern woman to help create connections. I use simple geometric forms and familiar imagery to create universally accessible artwork that challenges the perception that our differences have to be larger than life, and I hope to create spaces and conversations that help bridge those differences.


Worked with installers and venues to ensure piece was safely installed and scaled to fit the various spaces