cascadia - CODAworx


Submitted by Clark Wiegman

Client: City of Edmonds Community, Culture & Economic Development Department

Location: Edmonds, WA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $155,000

Project Team


Clark Wiegman



Nic Russouw

giraf design


Levi Stoll


As a love letter to the Salish Sea, cascadia invites park visitors to contemplate their place within the natural world. The sculptural suspension, lifeboat, is a microbial/flora/fauna vessel navigating a luminous seawall—which together elicit a sense of belonging to a larger bioregion and caring for our shared environs.

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We worked with the design team to coordinate conceptual approach, artwork siting, color selections, lighting and landscaping. The goal was to create a vibrant main entry for this new civic recreational park. An esthetic experience that catches the eye from a distance while drawing visitors into a deeper investigation of place.


Multimedia artwork greets visitors to new downtown recreational park featuring illuminated lifeboat sculptural suspension and seawall supergraphic. Hull and wall imagery are created via a collaborative 'call and response' community process of shared regional flora, fauna, map imagery and field recordings.

Additional Information

Over 50 plants, animals and microbes are woven into the lifeboat sculpture's hull design while the seawall supergraphic depicts a heatmap of shared human/fauna habitation such as riparian zones.